What Language To Use?

Which Computer Programming Language To Use?Want to code an app for a computer?

Let’s first define what a computer is. Any device with a micro-processor or micro-controller that can be programmed is a computer. Therefore in addition to a traditional desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone, smart watch, smart TV, calculator, tablet, smart fridge, testing tools or even a smart car is a computer simply because it can be programmed and you can write code for it and make it do something for you provided you have the right tools and you know how to do it.

Depending on what you are programming and what you want them to do, there so many coding or programming languages. The most common programming languages are:

For Java Programming Technologies You May Consider Learning:

AWT,EJB, Eclipse, JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Spring, Apache Ant, JSP, JAVA Servlets, log4j, iBATIS,  Java, JDBC,  JSON

For Web Development Technologies Learn:

Adobe Flex, GWT, JSF,  ASP.Net, HTML5, CSS, HTTP, FTP, JavaScript, VBScript, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, ZUL

For High Level Programming Languages:

Assembly, C, C++, C#, F#, Euphoria, MATLAB, Pascal, Scala, VB.Net

To Learn Scripting Languages Consider:

Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP

For Database Maintenance and Management Learn SQL Technologies:

SQL,  MySQL, PL/SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL

If you want to learn the basic concepts of computer programming, here where you should start:

This article will give 27 great sources of how you can learn programming using online courses:

You have written a program or want to write one and you want to edit and compile it? Here is where you can do it online without installing any proram on your computer:

  • Compile Online </> , This is probably the best and the most comprehensive text editor/compiler on the web courtesy of Mohammed Mohtashim of Aligarh, India. Experienced programmer, Linkedin profile here.

A great source of short, good and well-structured online tutorials:

Here are some resources for learning how to code in Python or speak Pythonese:

Learn Python The Hard Way! (Read “Easy Way”)


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