Why Programme A Computer?

Programme Or Be Programmed!

Rule the computer or you will be ruled by it!

Hello World! How To Cook A Computer Programme and Serve It On Your Computer

Code an app

Nowadays we are as much used to ready-made applications used in computers, mobile phones and tablets as we are to ready-made cooked food filling the shelves of supermarkets. Most of the time people are taught how to use these applications rather than how to make them. It is like teaching people how to buy a packaged ready-made food from a supermarket and eat it instead of teaching them how to cook it themselves! Very few people actually talk about learning how to cook a home-made delicious curry, pizza or stew and serve it hot on the dinner table.

If you want  to cook a delicious, tasty and nutritious home-made app, programme or code and serve it hot on your computer, mobile or tablet, you need to get the ingredients (programming tools) and start cooking up your your recipe!

We want to help you to achieve this by providing you with all learning resources, links, tools and tutorials. Check out the following flow chart and see if you can figure out what the programme instructs the computer to do: (Don’t worry if you don’t make anything out of it! You will when you learn a little more about computer programmes and how they work as you embark on your own coding project.)


But Why Would You Need To Make Your Own App and Not Just Buy One Off-The Shelf?

Well there are a lot of reasons why. Here are just some:

  1. You will dictate the computers instead of being dictated by them! You will learn how to make computer work for you: Programming will make you the master of computers rather than being their slave;
  2. You will learn how computers work: You will have a good command of how to talk to them and make them do things for you.
  3. You will make the computers do all the repetitive and boring things that humans hate to do; You hate to do things over and over again, don’t you? Just mechanise them! By programming a computer, you can automate a lot of processes;
  4. You will create a certain solution or customise a certain pre-made application or program and make it better and more efficient or make it do things your way: You will provide tailor-made IT solutions which will fulfil specific needs;
  5. Programming a computer is so much fun! 😀

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